I just want to run so far away that none of my friends or family can find me. I’m so done crying and feeling like I’m the reason everyone gets pissed off. I just want to go back to Hawaii and disappear in the ocean so no one has to worry about a damn thing anymore and can always be happy. I must be a scrooge or some shit that upsets those around me. I seriously give the fuck up. I’m so done!

Stupid bitches need to stop fucking calling my hubby about fake ass stories!! Ugh bitches aint shit but hoes and tricks.

It hurts to hear your voice knowing we could of made it to one year and be married. You were my life and everything I did was for you. Its sucks knowing what could of been. And i know see who really cared and who loved who. Meh…

Don’t fucking know anymore. Or is it that you just don’t fucking care. You won’t even talk anymore. Awesome. Now I’m not even gonna sleep.

Join the coast guard they said. Youll see the world and have plenty of time for college and a family. LIES!!!!! Im a diesel mechanic whose growing out of touch with my loved ones and my fiancee. And it sucks dick! I can’t even take one college class cuz I’m out at sea 2 weeks of the month :/ *sigh* I just want to be back on my farm and be my true self again!

No matter what I say or do is  ever enough for you. Ive hit a brick wall once again and I feel no pain even when I hit my hand against it and I’m bleeding I still feel nothing.

I don’t care if anyone reads this. But I gotta get it off my heart. My fiancee and I have been fighting and I’m to a point where all I can say is at least I FUCKING TRIED!!! I’m also not sure If me and him will ever have kids due to my fucked up reproductive organs. I just wish I could get lucky and just be happy. Good night yall.

Redneck moments 01:
You might be a redneck if you drive down the road drying your clothes

My hubby hooked up a pa system and cb radio in the jeep. Hahaha road rage to a new level!!!!

My hubby ♥

So this weekend my babe decided to drink. He was so drunk and refused to go to sleep well finally I decided to sing him to sleep. It took 5 minutesand he was out cold. I tried the next night while he was sober and it took less then a minute. Either im horrible or decent.